“Williamsburg's Exotic Beer & Wine Bar"

356 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211, (718) 963-4140


This place is definitely your spot if you 
like rare beers and constantly changing 
selection of wine. The long wooden bar 
sports an espresso machine. The walls 
are covered with many different maps 
and antiques, which are all for sale. 
There is a book rack in the back if you 
interested in some lite reading. The 
bathroom ceiling is fire engine red and 
the floor is clean.

Walk under the BQE on Metropolitan 
Avenue for 3 blocks.  Spuyten Duyvil
will be on your right right before North
5th Street.
Beer: Domestic $5-7 Imported $6-10 Premium $15+
Wine: $6-10
Punk, Metal, Indie
Seasonal Wine every 3-4 Months
Brewery Events

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