“Williamsburg's Trendy Thai Restaurant"

114 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211, (718) 384-8850


When walking to Sea on a Friday night 
you would think you were about to go to 
a SoHo art show. Upon entering the joint 
you realize your suspicions were not that
far off. Trendiest place in Williamsburg 
has a futuristic decor with a large pool 
of water flanked by a golden buddha and 
spherical globe-like chairs suspended 
from the ceiling. Disco ball and video 
screens top off a truly cosmopolitan 
experience. Unisex bathrooms are clean.
Beer: $4
Well: $5
Call: $6
Wine: $4
Full restaurant and bar. 
Seats close to 200 people.

Walk south one block on Bedford Avenue 
to N. 6th Street. Hang a right and walk one 
block past Wythe Avenue. Sea is on your left.
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