Do you like mixed drinks as much as we 
do?  Here are some personal favorites 
from your friends at  If you 
want your recipes posted, shoot us an 
White Russian
2 shots Stoli vodka
1 shot Kahlua
4 shots milk

Russian Sex on the Beach
2 shots Stoli vodka
3 shots Tropicana orange juice
splash of grenadine
garnish: 2 cherries, slice of orange

Arizona Margarita
3 shots tequila
1 shot triple sec
1/2 shot Roses of Lime
splash of orange juice

Dear Hunter
2 oz chilled Jagermeister
1 oz vodka
1 squeeze lemons
3 - 5 oz chilled root beer Scotch on the Rocks 2 shots of Johnnie Walker garnish: sexy bitch