The news can only be as good as the
people who submit it.  Please send in all
the news that people would like to know

     -  Some words from MTA that the 'L' train
         will start running with out interruption
        by the end of 2006.  Unfortunately we 
        all heard that back in 2004 and 2005.
        Good luck to all of us.

    - team started a flyer distribution
        at your local bars.  So if you see our logo
        of the drunk cat, pass on the word to 
        all other Williamsburgians.

    -  A bit under influece of Stoli vodka, team spent about two hours
       spreading red flyers on 'L' trains and 
       Williamsburg subway stations.  Hopefully 
       MTA won't rip them down too quickly. 

    - founders celebrated Saint 
       Patrick's Day at Green Point Tavern.
       Beer of choice was Beck's.

    - Season six of The Soprano's kicks off 
       March Madness coming into full swing
       with Duke as the favorite by most sports

   - It was a rager at the Fortress of Solitude.
     The beer, the music, the dumplings!

   - The Jets keep Chad Pennington as his
     salary is slashed three-fold.  The starter
     position is no longer guaranteed to our
     injury prone quarterback.  Go Eli!

   - Crash wins Best Picture Oscar, while
      NYU Tisch graduate Ang Lee grabs
      Best Director Oscar trophy. 

   - In an unfortunate car accident one of
     the founders of breaks his
     hand.  The team supports him through
    these times by making him update the
    site with only one hand.  Good luck!

   - According to National Weather Service
     New York City was dumped with a 
     record breaking 26.9 inches of snow.
     Previous record of 26.4 was set in 1947.

  -  Pittsburgh Steelers destroyed Seatle
     Seahawks in the Super Bowl XL.  Good
     luck next year Jets and Giants fans.  But
     realistically you guys don't stand a

  - team finished reviewing all
     of the bars in the neighborhood.  Now
     there are fifty-seven bars in all.

  -  One of the founders of got
     wasted celebrating his birthday.
     Harefield's Road was the choice of the
     nightly festivities.