“Williamsburg's Chillin' Maxin' & Relaxin' Bar"

593 Lorimer Street., Brooklyn, NY 11211, (718) 218-7866


Karaoke in the backroom 
Board games also available

Special: Appetizer and beer for $7
Food: Full Menu!

Get out on the Lorimer Street Exit.  
Walk one block north.  Lazy Catfish is 
on your left.
Beer:   $3-7.50 bottle, $4-5 draft
Well: $4
Call: $5
LIT: $7
HAPPY HOUR: 3:30 to 9pm, everyday All drinks $1 off

 A low key candlelit scene 
with some outdoor tables and an open 
front, allowing air to flow freely through 
the front bar room. The dim-lights and 
blue walls are a relaxing color scheme. 
One could describe it as being living-
room-esque with a few couches and 
coffee tables that sit adjacent to the bar.  
The backroom is the karaoke room, with 
tables and booths situated on the side 
causing a center-stage feel for the singer. 

* Reviewed by Alex Kao

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