“Williamsburg's Old School Italian Bar"

Metropolitan & Lorimer


Beer :  $5 bottle 
              $5 for 2 for small glass
Well:    $4
Call:     $5-6

Gumballs: 25 cents
70s,  80s-90s, Pop/Rock.
Two small TVs. 

Come out of the subway on the Lorimer
Street Exit.  Junior & Son is on the corner
of Metropolitan Avenue and Lorimer Street.

A small spaced, low-ceilinged old-
fashioned bar, lit with roomy 
icicle-lights and neon advertisements. 
There is an aura of antiquity with the 
wooden-framed pictures of notable 
aces that complete the wall running 
opposite the bar. Don't forget the 
gumball machine!This bar has a smaller 
drink selection than most.

* Reviewed by Alex Kao
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