“Williamsburg's UK Bar"

180 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211, (718) 384-5008


Ms. Pacman, ping-pong table
Thursday:  DJs
Friday:        DJs
Saturday:   DJs
Sunday:      Reggae
Iona is named for a Celtic island  
between Ireland and Scotland.
It is a pricey bar with portraits
of nude women adorning their walls, 
illuminated by orange and red christmas 
lights. There is outdoor seating in the  
back.  Need a place to watch your favorite 
soccer team? Iona has Fox Soccer Channel
on the tele. The bathroom is so tiny that
it feels like you are shitting in a sink.  


Beer:  $5
            $4 Yeungling/Rhengold
Well:   $5
LIT:     $5 (small glass) 
Over 20 beers on tap!
$1 OFF on all drinks! 
2:00PM - 7:00PM
DIRECTIONS: Walk south on Bedford Avenue and make a right on Grand Street. Iona is one block west before Berry Street.


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