“Best Happy Hour Prices in Williamsburg"

197 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211, (718) 782-8005


Tuesday:  Karoake night
Thursday: Bands
Fri/Sat:  DJs
This place has a mixed crowd with a lot 
of young professionals hitting up the 
place for a pint after long day of work.
There is a lounge in the back with plush 
cushing chairs, a stage with a spotlight 
and a DJ booth.  The nude artwork on the 
walls and blue lights in their clean 
bathroom make you want on coming back 
for more of that cheap imported beer.
DIRECTIONS: Walk on Bedford Avenue 
to N. 8th Street and make a right. 
Follow until you hit Driggs Avenue.  
Blu Lounge is on the left corner.


Beer:   $4-5 (Guiness, Blooklyn Lager, 
                        Blue Moon, Bass, Stella)
Well:    $4-5
Call:     $5-6
LIT:      $8

Half Off On Everything!

$2 Popcorn, $3.95 Cheesburgers, 
$2.50 Grill Cheese, $3-$5 Finger Food

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