While seated at a table, I wasn't really sure why my friend recommended The Levee to me. No particular element of The Levee makes me want to jump up and shout for joy. It's dimly lit and mortar-built, with wood-paneled floors

and square tiled ceilings. It's also a bit malnourished, with things like cat-scratched couches and conspicuous ventilation pipes.Nonetheless, there is still a certain frankness about this place. It's not trying to impress you. It's not trying to make you go bananas. There are cheap snacks, good drinks, and the music is not obnoxious like party-bars. The Levee is simply a promising place for you and your friends to call your own. And for that, The Levee is a special place.
The Levee is split into two rooms. The first is the bar room, with a jukebox and arcade game in the back. The other room, conjoined to the first room behind the bar, is more like the cool basement you wish you had. There are a few arcade games, board games, plenty of couches, tables, a billiards table, and a sectioned-off darts area (just incase the drunkards have bad aim). Most light comes from the arcade games or the neon beer-logos. It's probably better that way - the few decorations they have on the walls are a little bit tacky, such as the over-exemplified painting of an orange translucent bic-lighter. Yeah...I'm not too sure about that one. Regardless, the unembellished style still contributes to the genuineness of it all.
Munchies? No problem, there's a lavish menu of snacks, including FREE twizzlers, blow pops, cheese balls, and a $2 to $4 small item list of things like hot dogs, nachos, and sloppy-joes. Or, if you're in the mood, ask about the "Frito-pie", which is a conglomeration of Fritos, chilli, and queso cheese dip. They also have their own drinks. The owners are from Texas, which could only engender their, "Texas Two Step" - a mix of Lonestar beer and Tequila for $5. There is also the "Sportsman", which is a mix of PBR and Evan Williams's whiskey, for $4.
Both of what The Levee offers and lacks are why I like it. Sure, it could be a little more eclectic, but then it wouldn't be The Levee. Genuine is the word that comes to mind. Finally, both cats and dogs are allowed. Their cat, Lucinda, is the one responsible for the furniture.

* Reviewed Alex Kao